SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center Marlborough, MA
Seminars: Seminar choices are on a first come first serve basis. We will confirm your choices prior to the event. We need your e-mail contact information. A schedule of rooms and time is listed on the application. You can check out what will be taught by each instructor under their photo. Fill out the application checking the boxes, Banquet, Banquet & Seminar and 1st choice and 2nd choice for times.
Due to limited space in each seminar room we cannot guarantee your schedule. Early registration will increase your odds of getting the schedule you want.

Hall of Fame and Banquet
The Hall of Fame and banquet will be held in the evening. If you have someone to nominate fill out a nomination application and send in as soon as possible. If you feel you, yourself, have the qualifications and would like to be nominated please call me Jim Alty – New Horizon Karate at (508) 852-3333 or email me at Jim@horizonkarate.net. I will put your name into nomination if you qualify.

Notice: Chief Instructors and School Owners
Including The Hall of Fame awards that will be given at the banquet there will be a new recognition award - the “MARTIAL ARTS SPIRIT AWARD”. This award is for those people in YOUR SCHOOL who help you and your organization. They must be a non-black belt or a non-martial artist who selflessly helps and give’s their time. This award will be from you and your school and recognized by the World Martial Arts Federation. They will be presented at the banquet as a thank you for their efforts. Each school can choose one non-black belt student and one non-martial artist (example parent etc.).

Organizations and Charities
We are also looking for non-Martial Arts organizations and Charities whose mission it is to help people and give back to the communities they serve. This may be a charity you know of that goes above and beyond. This award will be directly from the WORLD MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION, INC.

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