Board of Directors

The World Martial Arts Federation would like to introduce the Governing Board. Our Mission in the WMAF is to help the school owners from all arts
have a place to call home. We hope to be able to offer you the school owner an avenue to be able to cross train and attend business seminars.
The Governing Board will accept inquires for promotion and rank certification for all WMAF members, with a criteria set by the Governing Board. Our goals will be to help you bring your business to the next level.
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Soke James S. Alty

I have been teaching the martial arts either full or part time since receiving my 1St Degree Black Belt in the early 70’s. I opened New Horizon Karate in West Boylston in September 1986. I am currently manager and master instructor at that location. I am Co-Founder and former Chairman of the World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. I currently teach full time in West Boylston, MA. I teach Kempo Karate, JuJitsu, Aerobic Kickboxing and a new system I called American Kempo JuJitsu. I have also created and run an Adaptive Martial Arts Program for student with Autism, Hyperactivity and physical challenges.
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Professor Barchard

Professor Barchard began his martial arts training as a teenager under the tutelage of Grand Master Robert LaMattina. Professor Barchard holds the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt in Aiki Kempo, 5th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo, a Level 3 (Kru) in Muay Thai under Kru Mark DellaGrotte. Professor Barchard was promoted to a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on March 25, 2011 in the Renzo Gracie Organization and received his 1st degree promotion on July 25, 2014 under BJJ Black Belt World Champion Rafael “Gordinho” Lima.
On April 24, 2004 Professor was elected into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. A three time National Karate Champion, he has traveled all over the United States participating in tournaments and seminars. In August 2006 he traveled to Brazil and won the Jiu Jitsu World Championships.
Professor Barchard has trained in the Martial Arts with such notables as Chuck Norris, Ernie Reyes Sr., Fred Degeberg, Robert Young, Tom Sotis, and Dave Kovar.
In Muay Thai Professor Barchard has trained under Kru Toy SitYodTong (the manager of the SitYodTong camp in Thailand) and Kru Mark DellaGrotte the American representative of SitYodTong and trainer to numerous UFC fighters.
In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor Barchard has trained with, Rafael Gordinho Lima, Daniel Gracie, Roberto “Gordo” Lima, Renzo Gracie, Carlos Gracie Jr., Rigan Machado, Renato Babalu Sobral, Rillion Gracie, Roberto Maia, Roger Gracie, Rolles Gracie, Igor Gracie, Gregor Gracie and numerous other BJJ Black Belts. Professor Barchard has also travels to Brazil to continue his studies of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
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Soke/Grandmaster Rudy Duncan

He began his training in Taekwondo in 1961. In 1969 he began training in Shorin –Goju karate. In 1984 he begain training in the Shaolin Kempo System through Fred Villari Studio’ and later with Masters Self Defense Studio’s. Grandmaster Duncan presently teaches Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu which was founded by Grandmaster Victor Sonny Gascon. Grandmaster Duncan has continued to train in many different styles such as , Aikido, Judo, Silat, Tai chi, Kali and Arnis. Grandmaster Duncan founded his own system of martial arts Kemchido Combat Art ,which he presented to the World Organization of Martial Arts and was given the title of Soke. Grandmaster Duncan has been inducted into numerous martial arts Hall of Fames, and must recently was inducted into the International Kempo Council of Grandmasters Hall of Fame. Grandmaster Duncan continues to train with different martial artists throughout the United States. Grandmaster Duncan is the New York Director fo Chunjido International and is on the Council of Elders. Grandmaster Duncan is also a certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has conducted numerous seminars on strategies for working with troubled youths. He has written many articles on martial arts as a therapeutic tool in working with children with special needs. Grandmaster Duncan continues to teach throughout the United States, Canada.
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Soke Michael DePasquale Jr.

Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. is also a highly skilled Jujutsu Master. Soke DePasquale Jr. studied under his father and has carried on the tradition of Yoshitsune Waza Jujutsu as well as developing his own Combat Yoshitsune Jujutsu system. Soke DePasquale Jr. is the publisher / editor of Karate International Magazine and the author of several books on self-defense. He travels extensively, conducting seminars on self-defense with other renowned martial artists.

Michael DePasquale, Jr. was quite literally born to be a Martial Arts Master. The son of the late Michael DePasquale Sr., Grandmaster of the Yoshitsune Waza style of Ju-Jitsu. Michael Jr’s Martial Arts career began at the early age of five, with Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu in which he presently holds the coveted rank of Soke (Grandmaster). He has completed and has been certified by the FBI Instructors’ program.
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Buzz Durkin is a ninth degree - Uechi-ryu Karate.

For more than four decades he has been the headmaster of Buzz Durkin’s Karate School, in Atkinson, NH, which is one of the most successful traditional martial art school in North America. His school has won school of the year and martial art facility of the year multiple times. Durkin is a charter member of the Uechi-ryu Hall of Fame and a member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Durkin is on the Board of Directors of the Educational Funding Company and the governing Board of the World Martial Arts Federation. He has appeared on the cover of several international magazines including Martial Arts Professional and Uechi Newline.

Durkin is a Vietnam combat veteran who received both his Bachelor of Science degree and his MBA from Boston College. He lives in Atkinson, NH with his wife of forty years, Judy.
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Rocky DiRico, Grandmaster

Professional martial arts instruction
Team Paul Mitchell~ Member
Arlington, MA Dojo
Natick, MA Dojo
Weston Recreation
Meadowbrook School, Weston
Veritas Christian School, Wayland
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Shihan Alfonso R. Lima

Shihan Alfonso R. Lima was born in Terceira Azores, (Portugal) in 1958.  Mr. Lima started his Martial Arts training at age fifteen. His first years were devoted to Kenpo Karate. In 1978 Mr. Lima enlisted in the Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps Mr. Lima was fortunate to study with one of the leading practitioners of traditional Okinawan Isshinryu Karate. At the request of his superiors he was asked to assist in the training of U.S. Marines in hand to hand combat. Upon completion of active duty he continued to train Marines in a reserve status until his discharge from the Marines.
Mr. Lima continued to study Kenpo Karate and after earning his Black Belt from Kyoshi Herman Ocasio he opened his school in 1980 in Lowell, Massachusetts. In 1989 he moved his school from Lowell, Massachusetts to Hudson, New Hampshire and in January of 1990 he opened his school to the public. Mr. Lima has also studied various martial arts disciplines and is currently studying Tai Chi Chuan and Wushu. In October, 2014 he received his 7th Degree Black Belt. In December 2006 Shihan Lima was inducted into the World Martial Arts Federation, Black Belt Hall of Fame and was selected, “Kenpo Master Instructor of the Year”. With over forty years of martial arts experience and over thirty five years of teaching experience it is Mr. Lima’s personal goal to educate the community about the Martial Arts and its many benefits.
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Grand Master Bobby LaMattina "Tokyo Joe" 10th Degree Black Belt


Grand Master is not just another karate enthusiast. He has over 43 years of experience, for which his expertise as an instructor goes unprecedented. He has been called, öthe future of the martial arts.ö He is one of the most dynamic pioneers of Shaolin Kempo Karate, holding a 10th degree black belt in the style. Grandmaster also has a PhD of Philosophy for the oriental discipline of Zen Chuan and Character education. Grand Master has dedicated his life to helping people instill good morals and values. His goal in life is to educate his students on character traits that will last a lifetime. The title Grand Master is a very special title used for chief instructors of yodan or higher with thirty years experience and covers a broad range of higher ranks and ages. Grand Master welcomes you to come experience the many benefits his system has to offer you!
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Kyoshi Paterson

Although awarded the Kyoshi Belt and the rank of 7th dan in the system of Gotan Ryu in the year 2000, Kyoshi continued to carry the rank and title of Shihan until the Spring of 2016. After fulfilling his personal goals of creating knowledgeable Shidoin instructors, and Sensei, who successfully presented the own students for Black Belt certification. These disciples demonstrated a life long commitment to carrying on Kyoshi's teaching.

Kyoshi Paterson has coordinated over 50 PAL martial art tournaments, and is the creator and coordinator of the Boston Police Activities League Sport Karate Competition and Demo Teams. These teams have performed and competed locally throughout the city, throughout New England, and across the country. They have tested their skills successfully at international competitions, and they continue to search for new challenges.
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Grand Master Don Rodrigues

Grand Master Don Rodrigues began his Martial Arts training in 1967 under the late Grand Master Nick Cerio. He has also studied and has been certified under the late Grand Master Ed Parker and by Grand Master George Pesare. He is the founder and President of the Don Rodrigues Karate Academy and the Oki-Ryu Kenpo system (since 1982) and currently holds the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt. Mr. Rodrigues is President of WAKO-USA, President of the Board of Directors of American Kenpo International and the Vice President of KRANE Ratings Inc. (New England’s premier Sport Karate ratings service). He is the publisher / author of “Finding the Funds” (marketing package), co-publisher of KRANE Ratings International magazine and he was featured on the 1st edition of Action Martial Arts trading cards. Mr. Rodrigues has appeared in many magazines, national and international, including the cover of several National Martial Art publications.
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Shihan Don Spink

Shihan Don Spink is a 7th dan in Kenpo Karate. He operates one of the longest, consistently run martial art schools on the South Shore.
He began in the early ‘70s with United Studios of Self Defense and
he was one of the “masters” of Masters Self Defense Centers in the ‘90s.
He founded East Coast Martial Arts Academies in 2000 and was inducted into the World Martial Arts Federation in 2004.
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Sifu Rick Wong - Chinese Martial Arts Technical Advisor

Sifu Rick Wong has studied martial arts for over 30 years in the U.S. and China, and has been a gold medalist, and then a judge at national and international competitions. As a top student of Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark, Sifu Wong was the first coach of Harvard University's Wushu Club, member of U.S.A. National ShuaiJiao team, and was recently featured on the Discovery Channel's TV show "Time Warp". He is also a senior physical therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Medford, MA, specializing in manual therapy and orthopedic injuries.
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Guro Michael Williams Pendekar Muda

The Williams Family has a long history of martial and healing arts, dating back three generations. Michael Williams met his wife May while training in the Philippines, and in 1996 they established the Arts of Southeast Asia;  Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese Martial & Healing Arts Organization. Guro Williams organizes trips and travels to Southeast Asia regularly to train with the grandmasters.

Guro Michael Williams Accreditations and Certifications:
Chuan Shu Sifu and an East Coast Representative in Kuntao Silat de Thouars by Bapak Willem de Thouars and Ibu Joyce de Thouars

Pendekar Muda and East Coast Representative in Harimau Pasaman Minangkabau Baringin Sakti Pencak Silat by Grandmaster Guru Edward Lebe. Jakarta, Indonesia

SR. Guro in Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali by Grandtuhon Jerson Nene Tortal, Negros. Occ., Philippines
Guro in Oido De Caburata Arnis by Grandmaster Abraham Gubaton and Grandmaster Sabas Gubaton, Neg. Occ., Philippines
Lakan Isa in Modern Arnis by Master Alix Lavaud and
Late Grandmaster Remy Presas
Mataas na Guro in Amok! Tribal art of the blade by Tom Sotis 2001
Sifu in Pin Sun Wing Chun by Sifu Henry Mui and Sifu Jim Roselando
Guru Tuan in Pukulan Pentjak Silat Kendang by Guru Wesley Tasker
Majapahit Kalis-Kilat